Accepting Incoming Call

It has no difference for communications applications to accept incoming calls using either hardware modem or virtual modem.

Nevertheless, before using virtual modem be sure:

1. Virtual modem must be configured to accept "incoming calls".
Select virtual modem and click button. Check Accept "incoming calls" option and specify TCP-port which will be used to accept incoming connections by this modem.

Accept Incoming Calls

2. Communications application must be configured to use virtual COM port or virtual modem (if it uses TAPI) in order to accept incoming calls.

3. Communications application must be configured to automatically answer on incoming call (or it must be a possibility to answer a call manually).

Note: Auto-answer can be configured in majority of communications applications setting modem's register S0 to 1 in modem initialization string.
Example of initialization string: ATS0=1

4. If firewall software is installed on the computer where Virtual Modem works it must be configured to accept incoming connections on TCP-port used by Virtual Modem.